At Steve Barron's Auto Repair & Towing, we understand that time is money, and if your large trucks aren't out working, then you aren't earning. With this in mind, our highly trained and dedicated workforce will quickly diagnose and repair any problems with your large truck. Steve Barron's Auto Repair & Towing makes certain our knowledge of these vehicles remains up-to-date so we can serve your needs in 49286 and surrounding areas.

At Steve Barron's Auto Repair & Towing, we've been guaranteeing that companies around the Tecumseh, MI area have access to the mechanical power they need since 1978. Our mechanics are second to none, just like the service we provide to our commercial customers. We find great satisfaction in skillfully resurrecting these vital large trucks to work another day in our community. Call us at 517-423-1309 to learn about our large truck vehicle repair services in the Tecumseh, MI area!